The Most Amazing Wiki Articles Recommended To Read By The Semalt Expert

Wikipedia revealed that its English version had 5 million login entries since it was launched in 2001. This is a tremendous and overwhelming achievement. There are about 2.5 billion words which add up to a vast volume of information. The information is too much to be read entirely by any person. Even if an individual started reading those blogs one by one today, it would take them over 19 years to complete them.

Wiki enthusiasts were able to nominate highlights and came up with Wikipedia articles that were most informative, entertaining and comical. Here are the most interesting Wiki articles selected by Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager:

The sexually active popes

This article can be termed as both hilarious, informative but incomplete. This idea of collecting a list of popes who are sexually active is unique, but you will find that there have been several delete requests as some people may feel uncomfortable about it, but it still survived.

Misconceptions and unusual deaths

When the wiki foundation polled their writers about their favorite articles, the lists of mysterious deaths, misconceptions and urban legends were among the top winners. The stories are self-evidently fascinating.

Ghost cat

This is the story of the ghost cat which is said to be 3m high seen haunting the Washington DC Capital Buildings. It is believed to live in the basement crypt of the buildings which was initially meant to be the burial chamber for George Washington.


This is one of the most linked and edited articles in Wikipedia as it talks about the most important figure in history. However, the article has still maintained the highest quality in Wikipedia.

Helicopter prison escapes

The article makes life feel like we are still living In the 1970s New Hollywood action thriller which involves helicopters people breaking out of prison.

What Wikipedia is not

The main reason why people check into Wikipedia is to find out about things as they are well explained for better understanding. However, most people fail to understand the things they should not be expecting to find in Wikipedia.

Lists of lists of lists

This is hard to crack. It is the fact that one article is a list of articles which are lists of articles that are listed in Wikipedia. This is the actual epitome of Wiki.

Inventors who are killed by their inventions

Inventions aim to improve the human experience and inventors being killed are the last thing anyone would expect. These articles talk about the relationship between people and technology. When things are invented, there are the disadvantages that we cannot predict.

Political catchphrases

The pages are about the most memorable political gaffes, phrases and misquoted or misspoken statements in the world political history for example "yes we can"


Back then when Ebola epidemic was rising, some medical professionals came together to gather an article about Ebola which aimed at making Wikipedia a more trustworthy resource about Ebola. The article was translated into numerous languages so that many people could understand it.

Thomas Jefferson Jackson

This was an American astronomer who was believed to have much potential but ended up accomplishing nothing in physics or astronomy.

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